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Horns Reef 1 (DK)

In 2002, 80 V80-2.0 MW® turbines were installed at Horns Rev, Denmark. Although the installation process was not a trouble-free operation, important learnings have been withdrawn from the project making it a valuable experience.

The Horns Rev Wind Farm is located at Horns Reef in the North Sea, approximately 14 km off Denmark’s westernmost point, Blaavands Huk and 18 km from the Esbjerg harbour. Turbines are distributed over an area of 20 km² with a production capacity of 160 MW, enough to supply power to approximately 150,000 Danish households annually. Construction started in 2001 and the wind farm was fully operational on 11th March 2002. Today, Horns Reef Wind Farm is owned by Vattenfall (60%) and DONG Energy (40%).

When the Horns Reef project was initiated in 2001, we still had a lot to learn about offshore wind energy. The lessons learned from Horns Reef and the progress made since has added to the unique bank of knowledge possessed today by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.



Vattenfall and DONG Energy

Installation year

Number of turbines

Turbine type
V80-2.0 MW®

Total output capacity
160 MW

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