The V164-8.0 MW® Turbine.

Setting a new standard for offshore power plants.
Of course what first strikes you about the V164 is its sheer size. Everything from the tower to the blades is larger than anything you’ve ever seen. But look beyond the obvious and you’ll find a clear vision of something even more inspiring: the future of offshore wind.
With market-leading output levels, low operational costs, cost-efficient installation and built-in reliability, you can push your total cost of energy to a minimum, driving your profitability to new levels.
Horizontal split drive train with easy-access key-components

Main bearings, clutch, gearbox and generator is possible to lift out separately for service

Permanent magnet generator

Full scale converter 50/60 Hz at 33-35 or 66 kV nominal voltage

Nacelle dimensions: 8.0 m x 20.0 m x 8.0 m (H x L x W)

Rotor diameter: 164 m

Swept area: 21,124 m2

Helihoist platform available.



V164-8.0 MW®

  • The most powerful wind turbine in the world – 8.0MW
  • Named Best Offshore Turbine 2014 by Windpower Monthly Magazine
  • World Record holder – 24 hour energy production
  • Prototype installation shows excellent availability

The V112-3.3 MW™ Turbine.

The compact high wind, high capacity option.
The MHI Vestas Offshore Wind 3 MW platform is designed for a broad range of wind and site conditions and for exceptional energy capture. The V112-3.3 MW™ offshore turbine is a high-wind turbine with a very high capacity factor. The turbine makes efficient use of its grid compatibility and is the right choice for sites with MW constraints.

Full scale converter

Air brake full blade feathering with 3 pitch cylinders

Cut-in wind speed 3 m/s, cut-out wind speed 25 m/s

Wind class IEC IB/IIA/DIBt3

Rotor diameter: 112 m

Swept area: 9,852 m2

Nacelle dimensions (installed incl Cooler Top): 6.8 x 12.8 x 4.0 m H x L x W

Rated power: 3,300 W, 50/60 hz frequency



V112-3.3 MW™

  • A low-risk choice with proven capabilities
  • Tried and tested in several installations since 2010
  • Reliable technology, excellent energy yield