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Firm & unconditional orders
Project name Market Owner Expected installation year Turbine No. turbines MW
Horns Reef 3 Denmark Vattenfall 2018* V164-8.3 49 406
Deutsche Bucht Germany British Wind Energy 2019* V164-8.0 31 252
Norther Belgium Norther NV 2019* V164-8.0 44 370
Borssele III/IV Netherlands Consortium 2020* V164-9.5 77 731.5
Triton Knoll UK Consortium 2021* V164-9.5 90 860
Total 291 2619.5
Conditional orders
Northwester 2 Belgium Parkwind 2019* V164-9.5 23 224**
Moray East UK Consortium 2022* V164-9.5 100 950
Total 1174**
Preferred supplier
Zone 27 TW CIP 2021 + 2023* Not disclosed Not disclosed 100 + 452
Zone 29 TW CSC 2024* Not disclosed Not disclosed 300
Xi Dao TW CIP 2024* Not disclosed Not disclosed 48
Total 900

*Publically communicated by the owner, subject to change

**The megawatt output awarded to the project, subject to change upon reaching final investment decision

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