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Scroby Sands (UK)

With 30 2MW wind turbines, Scroby Sands was one of the first major offshore windfarms to be developed in the UK. It is located 2.5 km offshore Great Yarmouth on the coast of East Anglia.

The turnkey development uses 60m-high V80-2.0 MW® turbines producing a total of 60 MW, enough to power 41,000 homes in the area. Construction started in November 2003. Commissioning and handover to E.ON UK was in late 2004. It was a challenging project since it was built on a sandbank that moves up to 3m a day.

Since it opened, Scroby Sands has become a local attraction. Around 35,000 visitors a year have been through the visitors information centre.


United Kingdom


Installation year

Number of turbines

Turbine type
V80-2.0 MW®

Total output capacity
60 MW

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